Tweetup to iPhone Launch — TODAY

July 11th, 2008

It’s a bit last minute, but I’d like to take advantage of working at home for a week to do a Tweetup and work in a pilgrimage to see the new iPhone at the Apple Store.

Place: Trying to decide what the best location would be at Bridge Street. Why haven’t they built a Panera there yet. Unless anyone has a better idea, proably we could do lunch at the PF Chang’s. I know the crowd’s busy that time of day, but I’ll either call ahead for a group reservation or show up really early. So please comment as early as possible here or on Twitter to me so I can get a semi-accurate head count. Also feel free to throw out other places that might be better. A place with free WiFi would be awesome since I might be doing some work at some point during wait times.

Time: Unless anyone wants to go early to beat the rush, we should probably shoot for noon.

How to find me: Tall redhead (probably in glasses) who will probably be carrying at least one laptop bag. Maybe even my black Green Hills Apple Store shirt, since it’s a special occasion.

Also, message me via @ariedana tomorrow from your cell if you’re having trouble finding any of us there.

Make sure you allow enough time in your lunch schedule for the iPhone pilrimage. I have no idea how busy they’ll be by that time.